Enjoy Destroy live at the Islington Bar Academy

They may look like someone headed over to Southern California, kidnapped four blond haired surfers off the beach and dropped them here in the UK, but there is a lot more to the band than that. Enjoy Destroy are our own home grown talent for one, hailing from Hampshire. These lads not only have an amazing album, ‘Little Dreams’ behind their belt, but they have an explosive UK headline tour, with the most recent date at Islington’s Bar Academy.

Just from the look on the bands faces was enough to excite the crowd. You can tell that the lads were up for a night of excellent entertainment; even if they were a little nervous behind closed doors they never let it show on stage. The facial expressions of lead singer Freddie showed pure emotion and passion in music he was singing; either that or the stage lights were a little strong for his eyes. Similar expressions were on the faces of the rest of the band for the music they were sharing.

Their entire performance was static from beginning to end; so much so I was swept up in the flow and gained tingles over my body. Enjoy Destroy is a band that transcends stereotypes and brings a unique and diverse angle to their tunes. The level of maturity and originality was astonishing from lads barely over the legal drinking age. The guys formed their own label (Fire One Records) in order to keep control over their music and with the determined mind to do things their own way have created emotional, moving and courageous songs with an optimistic approach.

Within this set were tracks with an indie rock touch, tracks able to penetrate your mind as well as your heart with infectious rhythms and melodies as well as sharp instrumentals and chord changes. There were guitar riffs of ‘Screamer’ making my head bop back and forth, a more indie feeling expressed by ‘Music To Love You To’, the more melody driven ‘Take Me To Drover’ which was a crowd favourite as well as the intense album title track ‘Little Dreams’; absolutely electric.

The up tempo ballad ‘LBJ’ was rather intense and so catchy it had me singing along to a chorus I had only heard once before. Likewise ‘Cities’ and the infectious lyrics and melody it holds had me hypnotised. The front man of the band has such a soulful voice that when he sang the entire room stopped and gave him their attention. His vocals soared around every inch of the room, making everyone in their wake give consideration to what was being said. The other lads also out did themselves within the impulsive set.

Enjoy Destroy bring a unique style of music for thinkers and dreamers out there. You will instantly be hooked from the moment you hear their tracks. Great music from a great band, it was definitely a great night out.