Kids Love Lies Boiler Room Guildford Friday 16th May

Kids Love Lies set foot outside the gigging scene of London for the first time; starting their venture of country stardom, or so they would have hoped. Where better to begin then current gig hot spot Boiler Room?

With the ACM just around the corner, Guildford should have taken to this unique outfit like butter to bread- a fantastic fivesome; brimming with both potential and personality. As BBC introducing veterans and a past Nick Grimshaw house band, Kid Love Lies have managed to cause a real stir within the capital; yet a poor response further south lead to what could have provoked a disappointing night.

The band failed to let poor audience figures spur them away from providing a top notch gig- opening with myspace favourite ‘Morning after’ and pounding their way through their entire set. Strong tracks ‘Hex’ and ‘Paranoid’ bopped heads and tapped feet, but real crowd pleasers ‘Perfection’ and ‘Chimera’ enticed audience members to brave the dancefloor and allow the endearing bunch to steal their hearts- if only for this short period of time.

Vocalist Ellen Murphy cannot disguise her distinctive Kate Nash resemblances, especially throughout spine chilling track Chimera and riot record Perfection. The rest of the band’s quirkiness soon became evident, as the five some really portrayed themselves as a bunch of musicians keen on performing whatever the crowd; and they made friends along the way- prising pedestrians away from the streets and advising them to check out their band.

Kids love lies are playing everywhere in the next couple of months- make sure you fill the venues next time people.