Frivolous Indie Pop Fun

Middlesborough based Das Wanderlust are unconventional right from the start. The three-piece are surrounded by keyboards, a glockenspiel, a broken guitar (not intentionally so) and a drummer who "looks like a cavalier" according to guitarist Andy. The band banter healthily throughout the set, squabbling about what to play next, most of the squealing coming from singer and keyboard player Laura whose mouth must surely precede her; luckily she puts it to exceptional use spurting out a stream of somewhat oblique but charming lyrics.

The band's racing twee pop is kooky to the extreme with sprinkles of glockenspiel twinkles, flamboyant percussion and keyboard commotion. It might not be slick; singer Laura giggles in disgust at having played a wrong note that no one but her noticed, but it's most certainly entertaining and musically stimulating. Single, 'The Orange Shop' rounds off the set with a warm keyboard tone and lazy feel, while other numbers feature more bright guitar work like, 'Humbug' with its cute and awkward vocals, "I have no self esteem, lalalala, now get down on your knees, lalalala". 'Sea Shanty', featuring Andy's vocals in addition to Laura's charismatic warbling is a highlight creating a drone like effect that sounds very different to the rest of the material. Das Wanderlust are about as off-beat as you can get and will win over any indie or pop fans live.