Scrapping Through A Tall Order

It’s not easy being the first of seven bands to take the stage. For starters many people are still stuck outside the venue as one of the gates boasts a queue that snakes relentlessly around a car park looking and just seems to get bigger by the minute. Add to this the fact that as the first band on Innerpartysystem have to set the tone for the day, to excite and enthral those lucky few who have made it through security when ultimately they aren’t very well known in the UK as yet. It was a tall order and one the Pennsylvania natives pulled off by the skin of their teeth.

With high octane songs that meld rock to a charging blast of electronica, Innerpartysystem instantly ooze an energetic vibe that manages to have some eager bodies jumping as lead singer Patrick Nissley guides his band through the buzz of tracks like ‘The Heart Of Fire’ and ‘The Way We Move’ as they touch upon gentle harmonies before banging the crowd side ways with a wave of thumping electronica. Of course though it is latest single ‘Don’t Stop’, saved to the end that sees a surge of life from the crowd as the sinisterly menacing collision of rock and electronica pulsates around Nissley’s voice and explodes in the crowd. It may not have been a ground breaking performance but at the very least Innerpartysystem gave those still stuck outside something besides the ridiculously time consuming entry system to complain about and to later regret.