The Foundations Were There

An encouraging description in the programme draws us to the Surrey Advertiser Stage early on the Friday to catch local band The Orange Room. This Guildford quartet, made up of two guys and two girls, were said to feature a mix of indie, pop punk, reggae and classic rock, with comparisons drawn to Razorlight and No Doubt.

Initially they seem to focus on the indie, and don’t appear to be anything special, the vocal performance from keyboard player Rio lacks a real edge, although at times she’s somewhat drowned out by the rest of the band.

Their cover of Kate Nash ‘Foundation’ is well delivered, although they don’t do anything with the song to really stick in the memory.

The set does however take a turn for the better when the promised reggae influence appears towards the end, and suddenly they’re a much more interesting outfit to listen to. They do leave having given flashes of potential, the trouble is, with so many local bands set to play the weekend, come Sunday night The Orange Room are sadly nothing more than a name in the programme with a promising description.