Speed limter applied

There’s a lot of hype around Enjoy Destroy at the moment and being a local band they get a big turn out in the Rock Sound Cave. Their debut album ‘Little Dreams’ has garnered plaudits from a host of mainstream and underground press and we’re expecting good things today.

First impressions are highly favourable and it’s evident that they are a tight and tuneful rock band with good strong vocals and a big sound. They are certainly a good band and the live show is very polished and professional but there’s something not quite right about it, it’s all just a bit safe, there’s no anger or edge to them. This is reflected by the crowd that whilst giving them a good reception fail to get moving throughout the set and that includes the fans down at the front.

Enjoy Destroy do everything they attempt very well indeed but after three or four songs I’m struggling to see what all the fuss is about. The songs are decent but not great being only averagely catchy. There’s the odd sound problem with the horrendous drone that plagued this stage earlier making an ominous return mid way through. Their set is nothing if not confidently delivered and for that and the slickness of the performance you have to give them credit but ultimately they are a bit one paced and uninteresting after the initial impact.