You me at Six at Kings College Student's Union

With their album written, recorded and ready for release later this year, You Me At Six are wasting no time in getting their music heard. They have been performing all over the UK over the past few months and came to a stop at the Kings College Student’s Union for two concluding nights of a recent Headline tour, and they seem to be gaining admiring fans everywhere they go.

From the beginning of this set to the end the lads put more into their show, not just energy and excitement but with a more static atmosphere, which shows the lads, are becoming much more intertwined as a band. Within each of the shows I have seen these guys perform, they have had more confidence and become that much more connected with the fans, what with people storming the stage on recent events. I think what made this show different to their previous London shows at Astoria 2 and Monto Water Rats, was the presence of family. Josh took the opportunity to blow his Nan a kiss, but I’m guessing the swearing probably gave her a bit of a shock.

When a band approaches the stage, you sometimes see that the lead vocalist is at the front and is centre of attention for the majority of the bands performance. They are the only ones that do any singing and talking to the fans. This is something that You me At Six take no interest in becoming so it was great to see that Max also has a set of lungs on him and not afraid to put them to good use.

The guys sang many tracks including ‘If I Were In Your Shoes’, ‘The Rumour’, their previous singles ‘You’ve Made Your Bed’ and ‘Save It For The Bedroom’ as well as the first OFFICIAL single ‘Gossip’. When these guys play the stage rocks, the floor rumbles and the fans go nuts! Many music magazines are hovering over this band. I can’t wait for the album and to see the guys on a larger stage on yet another Headline tour planned for the autumn. Do these lads ever rest?