Day 6 at the iTunes Festival

Nothing is better than a free gig don’t you think, and what better than a night of punk rock with that spark hat flicks a switch in everyone.

I’ve seen Kids in Glass Houses for the third time now, each at a different venue. This one at the KOKO in Camden was by all means the largest venue, in comparison to Islington Carling Academy and Astoria 2, the largest stage, the biggest crowd and certainly the liveliest bunch of gig goers these guys have performed to. With energies running high, youngsters getting excited and the prospect of free entertainment floating around, the lads bounced off the energy force field the crowd was putting out and gave an amazing performance yet again.

Their set for the iTunes Festival was pretty much similar to their recent Astoria 2 gig with the opening 20th Century Fox soundtrack. They matched their previous shows with enthusiasm, eagerness to put on a great show and energy powered performances. Their liveliness on stage was amazing. Lead singer Aled Phillips bounded back and forth on the stage, actually jumped head first into the crowd at one minute and had to fight his way back to higher levels and really attempted to get the crowd to participate within the set. Whether it were waving arms or jumping up and down, singing to tracks they knew or simply clapping to the music. As you probably know from gig experiences, what a musician on stage says, the crowd do regardless.

Two particular tracks the guys performed really got the crowd involved, got adrenaline running and made the night particularly eventful. These were ‘Saturday’ and ‘Give Me What I Want’; these two tracks also appear on the bands debut album ‘Smart Casual’. Other tracks performed included ‘Dance All Night’, ‘Lovely Bones’ among others. As gigs go, this was defiantly worth the travel in the rain.