Bittah not better from Kate Nash.

You can only hope that Kate Nash has shares in whatever store she buys her clothes in. A quick look around the venue before she had arrived on stage indicated just how much her influence had been weaved over a mainly young audience. Its one thing being Kate Moss and having a range of clothes at Topshop but that kind of pales into insignificance when you see the way that Nash fans copy their leader. Still, girl empowerment and related topics should always be encouraged and Kate Nash will probably always be remembered as one of they girls who shone brightly for a period and made as much of a cultural impact as anything else.

This is at least something because she shouldn’t really be remembered for her music. That’s possibly a bit harsh as even Ms. Nash would admit her show at The Edge festival was up against it from the start due to her croaky voice that hampered her on some of the moments that people had waited to see. ‘Foundations’ particularly suffered due to the rasping vocals and the singer could only bark out the odd line. Fair play to her for keeping her commitments and playing live for her fans and hopefully she didn’t do herself too much damage.

Its been just over a year since the singer blasted onto the music scene with a bang and she has been working non stop ever since. Without knowing what the rest of her recent shows have been like perhaps its time to have a break and re-energise before coming back. Too many acts are showing signs of road fatigue and most of them aren’t coming back with good follow-up albums. You only have to look at the dross churned out by CSS or the Kaiser Chiefs of late to see that overworking a band on the road may not be the best idea that managers have come up.

Kate has come up with some new material but when you consider one of the new hits leans heavily on Manfred Mann you have to question whether it was worth it.

Get some hot toadies in you Kate and put your feet up for a while. It was never going to be the show that would appeal to everyone but when even long time fans are left wondering if they got value for their hard earned honk, you have to wonder if the show was the best thing for her at this moment in time.