Ipso Facto are one of those bands that could fill a tent on their hype alone and they strike a mean pose in identical vampy make up with sleek 20's bobs like gothic sisters. Their sumptuous, monochrome rock is both glam and dark with electro twists and creepy visuals, including a large black and white eye. It's impossible to take your eyes off the stage during the band's set and tunes like 'Circle of 5ths’ mix synths, guitars and a raw live edge to mould a band who are both effortlessly enigmatic and also quite endearing. Just when you'd start to become bored of the metallic sounds in a lesser band's set, Ipso Facto add some glittering synth flourishes or their live drummer, who is something of a rarity for other electro bands, adds some neat beats that keep you hooked. There are crashing organ tones and careering vocals that prove that sultry and sullen has never been so fun or chic, with every tune sounding like a warped fairytale.