Slightly OTT Electropop

Effervescent electro-pop duo You Love Her Coz She's Dead bring some fun to the New Bands Stage at Offset, with shouty female vocals and bubbly synths creating some frenzied dancing. The band are brimming with energy, although singer Elle's constant crazed dancing may be infectious, it also gets a little annoying after a while and you begin to wonder when she's going to collapse. You Love Her Coz She's Dead are one of those bands that give it their all oblivious to the audience, but the crowd here seem to get in the mood and feed off the duo's energy. At one point Elle even jumps from the foot high stage to dance along with the crowd as bassist/synth player Jay keeps the beats coming. The sheer amount of people who ask me the band's name must indicate that they're doing something right. Perhaps the screamo indie pop will capture the imagination of nu-rave kids, with bright pop beats and colourful calls and it's certainly fun, but it's also a little too much for a slightly grey Sunday afternoon.