From small stage to HUGE VENUE!

From playing the relatively small London venues of Kings College Students Union, Astoria 2 and the Monto Water Rats, these five lads from Surrey only dreamed of playing to thousands of people at Wembley Arena, and on this night, their dreams came true.

It is a phenomenal achievement for a fairly unknown British act to be asked to play alongside Boys Like Girls and Fall Out Boy, both American artists. After seeing the guys play small venues in the past, it seemed only fitting that they increase in size to maybe Islington Academy, the Forum or Astoria (which they play on October 27th); but to skip two milestones to Wembley and receive such applause and appreciation was remarkable.

If you haven’t previously heard any of the bands material you are equally likely to enjoy the shows the lads put on as someone like myself who has seen them numerous times. On this occasion, the guys kept it simple with no flashy stage settings, and this was probably the best thing they could have done. Level heads make the interaction between band and crowd that much more intimate. Tracks such as ‘You’ve Made Your Bed’ and ‘Save It For The Bedroom’ made the largest of impressions on the crowd for their familiarity. But, the closing tune ‘The Rumour’ was mind blowing and got the crowd revved up for the rest of the night.

One track that bought crowd and band together that much more was ‘If You Were In My Shoes’. The band chatted to the crowd as if old friends and managed to get the standing gig goers to formulate a circle and go absolutely berserk. The appearance of Boys Like Girls lead singer Martin Johnson chanting in the anthem line “Save It For The Bedroom” shows just how much these lads are liked and commended by other musicians.

The band received a huge appreciation from the crowd and really seemed to enjoy the experience. If the sound of the lads sends swarms of tingles though your system, catch them live and you’ll be even more impressed.