Kids in Glass Houses at the Astoria

It seems that every time I see Kids in Glass Houses perform they grow that little bit more. I last saw them at the iTunes festival back in the summer and since then, they seem much more together and connected as a band, but also with the fans.

Tonight they exploded on to the stage at the Astoria with thousands of fans shouting and yelling their hearts out. It seemed everyone packed into the venue knew all the words to every song from the bands debut release ‘Smart Casual’ and screamed them and bounced around as the band played. Tonight’s set was a powerful display of energy and enthusiasm. They bounded back and forth from one end of the stage to the other, playing along to the energetic ‘Girls’ and ‘Lonely Bones’ and really getting the crowd participating with ‘Dance All Night’. Probably the most powerful, energetic and passionate performance the evening had in store was ‘Fisticuffs’; this went down a treat and punched a hole through the static electricity forming above the crowd.

Kids in Glass Houses are known for their performance of cover songs; I have seen them live a few times and their rendition of ‘Thriller’ will always be remembered. For tonight, the lads did a special performance, their own version of the recently released ‘Sex On Fire’ by Kings Of Leon. The guys usually sing an old song as their cover tune, but this time it was a recent release and it went down a storm with the crowd.

Even though this performance was a little more enjoyable and fascinating than previous sets, the lads are missing a spark to truly set the place on fire. But, I’m sure they will find it soon enough…