Out Of Sight at the Islington Bar Academy

I had first come across Out Of Sight when chugging through various bands on myspace and was impressed by their songs. Their music is described as pop punk, slightly emo, but don’t let this turn your stomach. It is true they have the playful guitars and lively rhythms flourishing in most of their tunes. But, as well as the bouncy numbers the guys can rock out with style, creating some depth and also gracefully tackling the mellower tunes.

For their set at the Islington Bar Academy while supporting Tonight is Goodbye and Attack! Attack! the guys were dripping with talent. Out of Sight is able to create a hype while performing, putting much effort into their performance creating energies thriving though their veins, motivating their enthusiasm into top gear, which you could see from the strength on their faces.

They may have been one of the first to approach the stage on this occasion, but they had the entire room in a trance and really enjoying what they had on offer. Out Of Sight currently have no tunes on their myspace page, but be sure to check out their five track debut Ep ‘Something Created By Belief’; a ball of sunshine on a hazy day.