If it aint broken, don’t try and fix it.

A full UK tour for The Broken family Band is scheduled for April when the band releases their new album but a one-off gig on a Jack Daniels themed night was the perfect opportunity to road test some new material and to get their live mojo working again. The popular drink is one of the more obvious images of American rock n roll imagery and its probably fitting that The Broken Family Band were playing for the drinks company.

Although hailing from England, the band have been perfect examples of Americana rock with a country tinge and this reviewer genuinely thought they hailed from the other side of the pond when they were first breaking onto the scene. The sound of the band has evolved from their earlier releases with a far wider palette making up the sound of their recent set. There was enough comfortable and confident moments for fans to revel in but it was clear the band were happy to break free from the studio and try some new songs. There was a relaxed atmosphere on stage with singer Steven Adams keeping the enthusiasm up in between songs. The front man manages to carry the slight nasal twang that all great country artists manage to deliver and does so with an earnest quality. Of all their qualities, the fact that they seem so likeable is one of the most endearing qualities about The Broken Family Band.

The set delivered a lot of promise for the forthcoming record ‘Please and Thank You’ which will hopefully propel the band to a wider audience and further acclaim. The sumptuous harmonies and ability to not take themselves too seriously help to cast the Broken Family Band as a band that can be easily warmed to and you won’t be disappointed with their live show, as the satisfied Glasgow crowd proved.