Retro Rock With Much Potential

Darker My Love have already got the attention of NME, which is perhaps why they’ve tipped Dead Confederate to the place of second support act in Glasgow tonight. It’s immediately apparent that they have more than just the kind of style that appeals to NME, sporting uniform dark shirts, but they also deliver a healthy onslaught of furious guitars, chunky riffs and maracas. There’s certainly a more than a tad of 60’s psych rock about their sound as tambourines clatter over bolshy bass riffs and psychedelic guitar harmonies and the singer expertly manages to add the percussive touches alongside his routine job. The vocal harmonies and mellow organ work also add to the chilled melodic rock feel on tunes like ‘Blue Day’. The band are tight and thoroughly enjoyable with minimalist drone rock tunes that suddenly explode into full, vibrant melodies that fill your eyes. There’s plenty of great fretboard twiddling, creating snazzy guitar riffs. Darker My Love clearly have masses of potential and their fabulous sound, coupled with their strong look are bound to see them going far, and best of luck to them!