The Urgency open the night

When the Blackout went on tour recently, they took along New England five-piece The Urgency to open for them. On the last night of the tour at the Forum in London, they were one of many bands that made the night enjoyable.

Taking to the stage as the opening act is important, as it is up to you to entertain the crowd until the next act is due on, as well as make a name for yourself and give the crowd something they are going to remember and seek out after the show. The Urgency took to the stage just ten minutes after the doors opened and with the long line of people outside waiting to get in, meant they had to start their set playing to just a small crowd. However, as the number of people getting through the doors grew, they also gained more attention, applause and gave the crowd the performance they were looking for.

To be frank, although there was nothing much of interest in the songs, the performance or presentation, the set was still very enjoyable. ‘All We Are’ and ‘Hot Damn’ were probably the songs I found most interesting. The way in which The Urgency presented their intense rhythms, driven by melodies so thick in sound they made you take a step back, demonstrated they gave it their all and were really trying to get the crowd jumping, singing or clapping along, maybe it was just me that seemed to lack interest.

The Urgency recently released an album and I would be interested to find out whether the energy in their performance could be used to make their music more intriguing on CD.