Style With Substance

If there was an award for most stylish band at Download, Italy’s Lacuna Coil would wipe the floor with the competition. Kitted out in red and black outfits that offer each member their own unique touch whilst simultaneously retaining the uniform conformity, Lacuna Coil make an impact before they even strike a note.

Initially drowned out by heavy guitars, it takes a little while before the band’s duel vocals can have the same impact as their outfits but when things come together for the Italians, it all slots into place perfectly. Two tracks in and Cristina Scabbia is at the front barrier as ‘Heaven Is A Lie’ ripples across the crowd whilst ‘Spellbound’ results in fists punching the air in appreciation as Scabbia and Andrea Farro stalk the stage, heads banging to the crunchy riffs that course through each song.

Revealing how nice it is to finally be on stage performing after doing endless amounts of press all day, Farro also takes time to relay his gratitude for people actually turning up today, especially considering the current economic situation, a comment that adheres him to all stood in the afternoon sun. From this Lacuna Coil announce their plans to play a cover track, one they’re not even going to insult people with by telling them who the original was by, as their amazingly captivating take of Depeche Mode’s ‘Enjoy The Silence’ confidently pumps and thrashes leaving ‘Our Truth’ to bring the set to a conclusion with blisteringly euphoric effect.

Stylish and eventually polished, Lacuna Coil proved once again that there is more to them than a beautiful female singer, these guys offer style with substance.