Would a rabbit be frightened by Nessie?

There was a fair few folk enjoying themselves at Rockness but there may not have been too many people thinking they would be enjoying folk music on the Saturday at Rockness. The bands name is always going to win a few floating fans at any festival and the tent, whilst nowhere near full, was a lot busier than may have been expected for the plucky Glaswegians.

Right from the off, the music was boisterous and the wailing vocals of Scott Hutchison caught the imagination and ears of the crowd, it was looking like a triumph with songs from last years ‘The Midnight Organ Fight’ coming across very well, gaining cheers from those in the know and nodding heads of approval from those new to the band.

Near the end of their set, a handful of girls started passing through the crowd handing out saltires for the crowd to wave for their homeland heroes but, accent aside, it doesn’t really matter where Frightened Rabbit hail from, they have a simple yet very effective folky rock sound that should see them well wherever they may roam. Which is just as well as the boys finished their set with America in mind as that is what lies next but its not as if they were in any great hurry to rush and with the dark clouds starting to appear outside the tent, the vast majority of the crowd were hoping for the gig to keep going to provide a perfect excuse for staying indoors.

With more than enough references about Jesus in their set, Frightened Rabbit may just have offered the last wake up call for salvation for the heathen kids who were planning on spending the rest of their weekend dancing and rocking out in a sinful manner. Then again, its more likely that they set the scene for some of the debauchery that was about to unfold with a strong and impressive set that builds on their growing reputation. If they could only take the edge off of the vocals, they could be serious players in the years to come.