Refusing To Have Their Download Slot Drained

By the time Room Thirteen makes it across to the Tuborg stage, there’s a mass of bodies filling the tent. It all looks good for Billy Boy On Poison, a crowd has already gathered. Or at least that’s how it seems, but when said bodies are strewn across the grass, clinging to the slightest speck of shade, it’s clear that the only reason so many have rammed into the tent is purely to seek refuge from the blazing sun.

As the LA natives take to the stage, the lack of movement from the shade seekers speaks volumes and even sympathetic pleas from front man Davis LeDuke for people to stand up fail. Luckily though LeDuke isn’t quite as mellowed out, refusing to stand still as he fidgets across every inch of the stage, rubber limbs flailing uncontrollably which at least makes for an entering accompaniment to the band’s psychedelic glam rock sound. As their 30 minutes draw to a close the likes of ‘On My Way’ and Happy Valentines Day’ have gone some way to stir the crowd, with many deciding to actually heave themselves up of the floor. They are clearly surprised by the band’s performance and in the end are reluctant to return to their comatosed positions as the LA lads leave the stage to appreciative applause. The heat may have drained the crowd but BBOP refused to have their Download slot follow suit.