Smiles Of Joy And Smiles Of Relief

Since the line up was released You Me At Six have always been the band most likely to fall victim to a Download bottling. Even the band themselves have voiced their wariness about the performance but as their time slot approaches it looks like they may have a lucky escape.

With the majority of festival goers lured to the main stage at the prospect of a manic Pendulum set, YM@6 seem to have pulled the crowd they could only have dreamed of and whilst a few bottles may fly at the stage as the band make their entrance, the majority of those here are fans of the band. Perhaps the lightest band on the bill, YM@6’s blend of pop heavy riffs and infectious beats makes for a safe and somewhat catchy set. Tracks such as ‘Save It For The Bedroom’, ‘Jealous Minds Think A Like’ and ‘If I Were In Your Shoes’ offer a bouncier touch to the rest of the festival with the band apparently trying to fit in with their heavier opponents by unleashing the odd expletive between songs, assumably to show that they too are tough!

A cover of Lady GaGa’s ‘Poker Face’ sees the track making its second Download appearance this weekend but offers a nice touch to the set whilst ‘Take Off Your Colours’ brings things almost full circle for the Weybridge band. Thankfully saved from the hecklers, YM@6 manage to come out of their Download set unscathed having provided a hint of pop to proceedings that leaves many with a smile on their face, including the smile of relief plastered across the five faces on stage.