Straight To The Top Of The List

Being the first band on in the morning is hard for anyone but when you’re given that slot on the final day, things can seem like an uphill struggle. Whilst most festival goers are back in their tents nursing a hangover, a few manage to venture out to catch Seattle’s Fall From Grace debut UK appearance and as far as debuts go, playing Donington is no shabby venue.

There’s no over the top pompous entrance for Fall From Grace, the quartet simply take to the stage and offer a brief hello to those brave enough to drag themselves out of bed. Offering thrashing hardcore screams amongst melodic hooks and sing out loud choruses, Fall From Grace are the type of band you dream of discovering at a festival, that little well kept secret that you can later brag about. Marrying the rough with the smooth, the hard hitting with the emotion charged, the Seattle band provide a relentless set from the frantic riffs of ‘The Last Straw’ complete with teeth shattering screams to the punk punch of ‘Hated Youth’ that explodes in a hail of anthemic shouting that has fists raging in the air as heads bang with enthusiasm. The band even finds time to banter with the crowd, jokingly announcing that it’s their guitarist's 13th birthday today ahead of declaring how it's been a dream come true to play Download and whilst with some bands such claims can sound like mere script reading, with Fall From Grace you can hear the honesty etched to each word.

Going straight to the top of the ones to watch list. For those who couldn’t get out bed, you have our sympathies… now let the gloating commence!