Sigue Sigue Sputnik

Yorkshire five piece Laika Dog draw a good crowd for their early evening slot in the Rocksound Cave, part of the appeal no doubt stemming from the fact that they are fronted by Terrorvision singer Tony Wright.

Initially it’s hard to know what to make of them as the mix in this tent is awful, not for the first time this weekend. It does improve slightly after a couple of songs and reveal Laika Dog to be an accomplished, if fairly straight laced, rock band. There is a heavy dose of blues rock in there, which suits Wright’s voice perfectly and as the set progresses it’s clear that he hasn’t lost any of his stage craft. The rest of the band do alright without ever really showing too much enthusiasm but they make up for it with impressive musicianship.

Not all of the songs come over so well, one or two are lacking a little something but there are some good choruses in there and a bit of variety with the almost power ballad ‘Piano Song’. It’s an honest and likeable performance and there’s certainly no suggestion that Wright is gutted about not being on the mainstage these days and when it’s all about the music the performance is all the better for it.