Impressive Stuff

Kenelis are another band playing a daytime slot on the Rock Sound Cave who have already built up something of a following. As a result they pull a decent crowd and those who showed up are rewarded with a strong and varied setlist.

It’s a mixture of songs from recent album ‘Remember How It Felt’, plus a couple of new tracks which will be included on the next record.

They open with ‘Nobody Sees Me but You’ which is reminiscent of classic Manic Street Preachers, followed up with the opening song from the current album ‘Corporate cancer’.

Singer Mel works her crowd well and turns in an engaging performance. The band mix up the styles and tempos with new track ‘wanted’ and fan favourite ‘Drained’ more laid back offerings; the latter is an excellent song fans of the much-missed Delgados might find to their liking.

The heavier rock is back for the close with another new track, currently titled ‘Death Star’, although new song titles may change when it comes to the recording of the album.

The Rock Sound Cave was a little underwhelming for the early part of day 2 at Guilfest, but Kenelis took things up a gear with their mid-afternoon set and showed they’re one of the emerging acts playing this tent who could go places if given the chance.