Kerrang! Week Of Rock

What first began as teenage boys mucking about in their basements with musical instruments has reached the point where the lads from Out of Sight managed to find a space performing on the Kerrang! Week of Rock at London’s HMV Forum.

This was Out of Sights first time playing the venue and even though it took the crowd a fair few songs to warm up to the band, there were moments that music lovers did seem to enjoy. Giving it their combined all with the bands own style of power pop with rock twinges working their way through the melodies and guitar madness, Out of Sight certainly have a knack for performing. It is surprising how well lead vocalist Jake Robbins managed to maintain his concentration and patience when one of the venues soundmen kept rummaging around his feet attempting to fix something or other. This looked very frustrating for Jake but he never let it get to him and persisted to give the performance everything he had and if that meant dancing around the soundman like a night out of the town then so be it.

After getting around the complication on stage as well as encouraging the crowd to loosen up a little and really come around to their music, Out of Sight was able to warm up the venue for the rest of the night. Out of Sight has an album heading along the horizon and may be something to look forward to.