Kerrang! Week Of Rock

You Me At Six out do themselves yet again when they headline the first night of the Kerrang! Week of Rock at London’s HMV Forum.

Since the album has now been released, the fans were screaming and shouting the words to every song including the recent single ‘Finders Keepers’ and the new tune ‘Kiss’. It was as the lads were singing ‘If You Run’ the atmosphere really began to intensify with the sounds vibrating off the wall and the crowd getting a little over excited.

As well as going nuts at more well known tunes such as ‘Save It For The Bedroom’ and ‘You’ve Made Your Bed,’ which with its elongated beginning got the crowd a little anxious, there were more than a few memorable moments to this set, including the lads version of ‘Poker Face,’ which was quite something. There was the performance of ‘Tigers and Sharks’. Even though this was a slower tune for much of the time with Josh standing at a microphone, there was an epic sound given to the guitars. As the crashing of drums and screech of guitars came alive so did the fans, who along with Josh on stage got very energetic; Josh let lose, crashed around and ended up banging on amps and speakers around him. This was one of the more explosive songs the band played. As always, one song that the guys always get plenty of screams for is ‘Always Attract,’ where Josh’s sister lends her voice; this is a girl who has really got talent and I wouldn’t be surprised to see more from her in the future. ‘Tigers and Sharks’ and ‘Always Attract’ were the real anthems of the evening.

Applause must go out to the fan that made it onto the stage. Josh was as shocked as the security as to how it happened, but went with the flow and actually seemed disappointed when a security guard dragged him off screaming. After such a draining performance, the guys are off to the States for a while but will be back soon with a new album and we at Room Thirteen cannot wait.