Taking Back Sunday - Sonisphere

There is something about Taking Back Sunday's music that makes you want to like them. It's catchy but with some depth and it's the sort that sounds like it should translate well to a live show.

That is, if their singer can stay in time with the rest of the band and sing in tune.

Adam Lazzara admitted part way through the set that he was mightily hung over and, while most artists wouldn't use that as an excuse for a poor performance, I'd like to hope that the hangover was the reason he couldn't seem to hit a note.

The rest of the band worked hard to make the songs identifiable and, for the most part, the guitar melodies, bass and drums held things together. Hard as they tried it wasn't enough and the general vibe from the crowd was one of shock mixed with disappointment at the poor quality music coming from the stage.

Their fans stayed true to the band and poor vocals was no reason for them to walk away. There were patches of energy and excitement dotted around the arena for most of the set.

However, by the time they'd made it to their current single 'Sink Into Me' any curiosity the general crowd had had for Taking Back Sunday was long gone. Ending things to a vastly disinterested crowd they were possibly the worst band of the festival.