Taking Over

After a healthy dose of full on metal during the first part of the day I’m just in the mood for something a little more melodic and thankfully New Device bring it right on cue. Hailing form the South East of England they have already made an impact and are currently out on tour with Gun. They are unfortunate today in that their set clashes with the long awaited opening of the main stage, which makes for yet another disappointingly small crowd on this stage, only 30 people have stayed on and it’s a real shame as New Device turn in a fine performance.

The music is unashamedly hard hitting melodic rock with plenty of hooks and riffs to get the head nodding. For once the mix is good on this stage, which allows Daniel Leigh’s vocals to soar through. He has a decent range and despite the lack of audience he gives an assured and confident performance. The songs are solid, catchy riffs and big choruses abound and it’s clear that they are a far better band than their slick hairstyles suggest! They look like they are enjoying themselves and it all just adds to the likeability factor. The only reservation is that I’m conscious that they stand out on this bill and I wonder if they would have the same impact in a line up of similar minded bands? Today though they do a fine job and come as a refreshing change, given the inroads they have made already I suspect they are destined for greater things.