The Heart and Soul of London

The Indelicates are one of London’s most impressive, charming and lyrically disarming underground bands, delighting those who know their secrets, but somehow keeping just under the radar of the majority. Let’s hope that 2010 is the year for this to change as they have a new album ready to hit the shelves.

Despite some minor sound problems and plenty of apologies from Simon, their performance in the intimate Buffalo Bar is a reminder of why they’re quite so great. Kicking off with a vitriolic song about the perils and fickleness of the record industry, the band quickly move into a jaunty indie tune, ‘Flesh’, with the catchy chorus of “I love you, whoever you are.” The rousing ‘Jerusalem’ is dedicated to the night when Cameron wins the election and there’s further political dalliance with the speedy ‘Recession Song’, full of punk energy and shouting, which Simon jokes is the best way to get through this slightly haphazard performance.

While singers and songwriters Julia and Simon are undoubtedly the focus of the band’s live shows as they bring forth a cascade of poetic lyrics, little moments, like the point when the drums kick in on ‘Stars’ remind you that the rest of their band are a necessary component, giving the songs a real sense of vigour. While the lyrics are certainly one of the band’s greatest strengths, their mix of styles and musicianship is faultless with frenzied punk stylings next to furious and theatrical cabaret tunes that rely more on Julia’s keyboard playing. The last tune, ‘Savages’, adds an even more novel twist with a disco backing track forming the rhythmic basis of the tune; it’s a brave and interesting approach that comes across as full of creative DIY energy.

There’s a spark of intellect and passion to The Indelicates performance that shouldn’t fail to light a fire in the heart of any real music lover.