Tell the world

It used to be that the Captains Rest in Glasgow was no place for a lady; it was certainly an old man’s pub. In recent years though, this has changed a great deal and the venue is now host to some of the best indie gigs in Glasgow.

Downstairs welcomed another packed show and the Vivian Girls showed that times have certainly changed for the venue on the edge of the city centre.

With no further ado, the ladies launched into their show with the pace that was set to continue for virtually all of the evening.

‘Wild Eyes’ is an older number and well received by the crowd but it still stands as a strong indication of the girls’ set. Poppy and punchy, clocking in at a very compact 2 minutes tops, it never outstays its welcome. And it laid the foundation for the early part of the show, with songs whistling by as quickly as they start.

Perhaps mindful that whilst their songs are good, there isn’t a lot of variety between a good deal of them, the girls take a short break for an acapella section in the middle of the gig. A cover of ‘He’s Gone’ by the Chantels, offers a change of pace and a bit more crowd interaction.

You get the feeling that the girls are still not the most comfortable with interacting with their audience (Kickball Katie aside perhaps) but when you have the songs, you can ride this out. Its better to have songs than banter, although there was a touching celebration of not only the first year anniversary of Obama’s inauguration but of Cassies’ relationship with her boyfriend, which was also one year old!

‘I Believe In Nothing’ from the girls debut album stood out as it allowed for an extended guitar break, again showing a different side to the music. That and the bass run on ‘When I’m Gone’ were exceptional and will give you all the proof that this group has the talent to back up their at times historical pop review.

Its early on in the year but if this show has set the pace for 2010, it is looking like a good year ahead. The girls are still hanging around in the UK for a bit longer and with any luck, it wont be that long until they are back again.