David Bowie

Definitely enjoyable but considering it was the last performance of the festival, it was less gripping than expected. Lacking in his classic tracks, he played mostly songs from his most recent album. Playing only a handful, if not less, of his famous songs, such as All the Young Dudes and Under Pressure, only his die-hard fans remained captivated by this well performed, but not-as-good-as-he-used-to-be act. The crowd certainly didn’t match that of the size the previous night, which was host to The Who, so the question remains of whether David Bowie is still festival material. However, he remains the legend he once was, with his energy and interaction charming the fans, getting a good audience response.

Under Pressure was in my opinion one of the best performances. With a stand-in for Freddie Mercury, who “can’t make it tonight”, they did a thoroughly enjoyable performance that would do Freddie proud. He ended the festival on a high note after his encore leaving the crowd with promising expectations for next year’s festival. However, his limited pop-rock style found many people leaving before he even entered the stage and more still before he returned for the encore. 4 out of 5.