Jody Has A Hitlist play the O2 Islington Academy

The Irish quintet that is Jody Has A Hitlist gave a very energetic performance at the O2 Islington Academy when they stopped by on the Twenty Twenty tour recently.

The luck of the Irish was certainly behind the band as the masses of teenage girls were singing along to the songs, jumping with the drums and getting very excited. The band performed a number of tracks such as ‘Nobody’s Looking At You’ and ‘Walk It Off, Son’ with a vigorous manor. For a support band to sing cover songs is unexpected, as you would assume they would stick to their own tracks to give the girls and guys a taste of what they are capable of writing, recording and performing. However, Jody Has A Hitlist decided to incorporate two cover tracks into their set. Firstly of Kesha’s ‘Tick Tock’ and then a Lady Gaga number. By doing this, the guys actually became more memorable for singing familiar songs.

Jody has a Hitlist is going to be exploding into the music circuit over the next year so. Look out for them at a venue near you soon.