The New Cities storm the O2 Islington Academy

Twenty Twenty were lucky enough to be given the opportunity of touring alongside Canadian greats the New Cities when they headed out recently, stopping by the O2 Islington Academy along the way.

Rather than The New Cities supporting Twenty Twenty it should certainly have been the other way around as it was the New Cities that owned the stage. Their performance was engaging, breathtaking and most importantly memorable. You could tell by the movements and expressions on the faces of these six guys that they were appreciating every individual in the venue and giving their set 110%. Performing a number of tracks from their album ‘Lost In City Lights’ such as ‘Sinking Has Never Been So Easy’ and the incredibly addictive and sing-a-long friendly ‘Hypertronic Superstar’ these guys had the entire crowd at their feet begging to hear more.

The on-stage antics and performance was something special. Lead singer David is a performer like no other. He seduces the audience with his raunchy movements at every step of the way, while singing and bounding around and occasionally whacking the drums. Synth players Nick and Phil were also impressive with their technique of using the instrument as a guitar, moving it forward and back.

The album is an incredible listen but their performance was even more striking. When The New Cities hit UK shores again, it is highly recommended you seek them out!