Orakai Give Their Set All Their Lungs Have

When Orakai took to the Underworld stage, the crowd appeared a little more involved with their music than the previous act. The female fronted band got a few screams and fists in the air as support while they played upbeat tunes.

Their set however lacked liveliness to some degree. Laura had her fists punched in the air and her hair flapping from side to side as she grumbled lyrics which were so incomprehensible it was unbelievable; I have never heard a woman sound so gruff! There was not one bit of femininity in the songs, so with this each lacked emotion. A woman singing in anger is emotional, just like a man signing in anger tends to take these tougher notes. On this occasion, a woman putting on such a gruff screech creates no feelings, just the occasional migraine. The music may have been fairly decent to listen to and enjoyable, but the vocals on the other hand were the least enjoyable part.