Glamour of the Kill and Yashin - tag team brilliance!

When the time came for Yashin to take to the stage at the Underworld, the best way to describe their performance - incredibly high-spirited and as energetic as six Duracell bunnies. The first thing that comes to mind is how on Earth are six guys, two of which are singers therefore can rule the stage, going to fit onto such a small stage? Well with David crashing drums in back and Lewis, Andrew and Paul taking to the side lines, vocalists Harry and Kevin were able to do their best to freely roam their surroundings, which included hanging from the pipes, lamps and fixtures above when the stage got a little restricted.

Wales brought us the sensational Blackout and Scotland has now released its counterpart, the breathtaking Yashin. Performing hits from their range of releases these guys let rip and unleashed their hearts and souls, going completely mental creating an atmosphere everyone wanted to be apart of. Even those typically inclined to take a back seat and view from a distance had an inner yearning to get closer to the madness that was released from the stage and the pit below.

The previous two opening acts tended to scream, shout, moan and groan though the microphone, which honestly was a little off-putting. With Yashin however they equal out the balance with Harry singing the gentler lighter parts and Kevin taking the gruffer sides. Yashin is a band that if you had never heard or seen them before would instantly transform you into a follower, heading out to the merch stand to spend all your wages. Harry and Kevin especially are very talented singers and performers. They set the stage alight, not literally but with all the lighters poised in the air during one of the slower numbers you could never quiet dismiss the thought. One of the highlights was the concluding tune, the bands rendition of Britney’s ‘Every time’. Whether you like the tune or not, you’ll love what they have done with it, turning it into their own. The entire set was MEMORABLE!