One Of The More Disappointing Support Acts

When Glamour of the Kill made an appearance at the Underworld, the night kicked off with Taking Out Tomorrow who combined some punk rock with heavy metal for their set. For an opening act, they were unfortunately a disappointing start. Lead singer Stew seemed to prance the stage as much as he could, back and forth as he sang and spoke the first few songs. This didn’t impress the crowd as much as expected. The microphone could have had a hand in this. While the drums, guitars and bass sounded on queue the microphone sounded low and made it quite difficult to make out the vocals.

After a few songs things seemed to improve and liven up. The vocals increased in volume and audibility and the screaming continued for much of the time. Stew did begin to look more at home jumping, screaming so much at one young girl that she had to back off and drop her head and actually pouncing from the stage into the crowd and going nuts. However enthusiastic they became, they didn’t seem to click with the crowd. There is ambition in the band and hopefully things can only get better.