TAB Clear was a bit rotten...

Now at the time of watching TAB the Band we weren’t aware that Adrian Perry (lead vocals/bass) and Tony Perry (guitar) are the sons of Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry; this is interesting but of no consequence whatsoever for reviewing purposes as they sound nothing like their dad’s outfit. Moving swiftly on … TAB The Band hail from Massachusetts and they play dirty rock and roll with a hard and at times dark edge.

I’m in two minds about them initially, the songs are uncomplicated but they move along well and there is an urgency in their delivery but they never go ‘all out’. ‘She Said No (I Love You)’ is more interesting, again quite simple in structure but catchy and infectious. The interaction with the crowd is understated and subsequently they don’t get too much in return. As their set progresses though I grow to like them, there are no frills about them, what you see is what you get and it’s refreshingly honest. There are some good choruses and some interesting hooks and at a metal festival they are a welcome break from the usual noise fest. They don’t play on their famous connection at all and have created something of a unique sound, well worth checking out.