Dreary song titles, joyous performance!

Farnborough based Kenelis haven’t been around that long but have made swift progress, including an impressive performance here at Guilfest last year.

They get straight into proceedings and are instantly likeable, the mix of melodic riffs falling somewhere between rock and punk. The guitars are big and dirty and prove the perfect foil for singer Mel Sanson who has a really good voice and uses very bit of her range. They get a good crowd in and although the set is short every song is strong with really good dynamics and song structures.

It’s hard to fault the delivery either as Sanson works both stage and crowd well with plenty of opportunities for crowd interaction. They break the set up with Sanson taking up an acoustic guitar for ‘Drained’ but even here they retain the catchy riff. The strength of song writing really permeates the whole set and even when they slow it down for ‘Wanted’ and get the crowd waving along they still manage powerful delivery. The whole band do their jobs well and they are thoroughly entertaining to watch, the crowd clearly appreciating the effort judging from the response.

Despite the variety they are at their best when they are really going all out on tracks like ‘Sick’ (which you can download for free from their website) with heads bobbing and fists pumping. Good stuff and I think it’s fair to say that Kenelis are one of the bands of the day.