14 Car Pile Up is one of the most intriguing sounding bands seen perform in quite some time. The 5-piece Pop Rock act from Watford, Hertfordshire were supporting Room 94 at this venue, O2 Islington 2 Academy and the Birmingham venue on the tour and gave an astounding performance, although they did have a bit of an unexpected start.

The guys took to the stage and began performing brilliantly. Then vocalist Ryan Adams and one of the guitarists bump into each other and CRASH! Both continue as though it was a small thud, until Ryan pulls his hand from his face and blood pours from a cut on his head. It seemed however he was more content on getting the remainder of the set done than sorting himself out. After a quick wipe down he continued without (any obvious) cares to the incident. As they continued with their set, Ryan became rather quirky in his eye and facial expressions. His voice was so unique, spoken with melody and very pronounced, unusual yet captivating. He made every effort to make the set enjoyable, memorable and energetic, as did the other fellas on stage with him.

There were a few apparent fans in the crowd screaming LOUDLY and jumping as though their music collection depended on it. This then encouraged others to do the same resulting in a mass of rowdy individuals, especially during the bands cover of the Artic Monkey’s song ‘I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor’ and through chanting of ‘Braindead’ and ‘Come Back Kid’. The harmonies at these points especially were astounding live!

Without a thought to cuts and bumps, these guys are amazing to watch perform. They give it all they have and encourage the crowd to do exactly the same, which they do with appreciation. As far as upcoming acts go, 14 Car Pile Up has what it takes for the big leagues.