Italian metal and metal's most beautiful woman

Day two is kicked off by some solid metal riffs in the form of Italian heavies, Lacuna Coil fronted by the beautiful Cristina Scabbia. The band gets a mild reception when the walk out on stage, compared to the noise being made when Cristina jumps onstage.

Although it is a very early slot for all of the nocturnal metal heads, most nurturing sensitive heads, there is a fair turn-up for Lacuna Coil, or is it for the absolutely stunning Cristina Scabbia? She has such a presence that it is easy to forget that Lacuna Coil is actually a dual fronted band, and she shares this role with the original front man, Andrea Ferro, providing contrasting harmonies with alternating vocals. Cristina's angelic voice contrasted by Andrea's growls provides an awesome result. When Cristina gives the crowd a little evil smile and she screams "Jump", I can't help but wonder whether this band would have been playing today if she wasn't there. Don't get me wrong, Lacuna Coil is very talented, but I always felt that the only reason they stand out above the others is due to Cristina's status as one of metal's most beautiful women.

Lacuna Coil is on tour through the UK in September and October. Catch them live because the blend of the male/female harmonies is fantastic; and Cristina is truly beautiful with an angelic voice.