Enforcer - Academy Manchester 9th December 2010

Swedish band, Enforcer, keeps to the traditions of speed metal and, with no apologies, relentlessly drives home the point. 'Old school' it might be, but the sheer enthusiasm that they bring to their performances ensures that it will live on that little bit longer. Having released their second album earlier this year, their popularity has grown and they are starting to cause quite a stir on the live circuit.

This performance was sandwiched between sets by the head banging (and very good) 'Black Spiders' and the antipodean AC/DC clones 'Airbourne'. The opening song 'Midnight Vice' woke the crowd from their refreshment break slumber with a blast of sound and high energy vocals. Strutting about the stage, singer Olof Wikstrand, was straight in the face of the audience as he screamed out the lyrics. The crowd immediately responded; the bands high energy approach certainly appreciated.

The tight rhythm section and slick lead guitar complimented the wide ranging vocals throughout the set. The instrumental 'Diamonds' was performed with panache; crisp guitars, power and, of course, high energy. The set included 'Live For The Night' which really summed this band up. The tight and ranging vocals over the thunderous bass and crashing drums drove the song along like a steam hammer. Complimented by some very competent lead guitar, this epitomised what they are all about; good, solid speed metal.

Due to strict stage times and after only five songs, they had to leave the stage; their compensation in knowing that they had just recruited a lot more fans.