Perfect Start to the Gig Year

January is traditionally a quiet month for gigs so it was a big blessing when Talons announced they would be playing a headline set at London's Vibe Bar. With the venue decked out in colourful balloons, reminiscent to the album cover of Talon's recent scorching album 'Hollow Realm', to celebrate Sweet Bean Promotions birthday setting the scene perfectly for one of the hottest talents that we have seen from these shores in some time to produce 50 minutes of pure musical pleasure. The Hereford six piece took to the stage donning party hats and even a Cliff Richard top by one of the members, who we will not name and shame.

For a first gig of the year you may have excused any small errors but Talons played a faultless show, with every timing change, no matter how subtle, done to perfection by all. Guitarist Oli Steels leads the way with some awesome playing, especially on 'In The Shadows Of Our Stilted Homes' which saw him strumming all the way up the neck of his guitar and even though the guitar solo on 'Iris' is less than 10 seconds long, it remains a perfect piece. This should not take anything away from the other five members; they performed as a unit that would make the SAS, subtle Hereford link, proud. The energy from all six resonated within the good size crowd, which included a number that travelled down from the bands home town, impressive stuff on a wet Thursday evening.

There was not one person in the crowd who did not have their head bobbing or foot tapping along to the entire set and the reception at the end showed the crowd loved it. Should also say well done to Sweet Bean Promotions for the night, great line up with Dead Red Sun and Alright The Captain supporting, both great bands and all three complimented each other.

You should all make your new years resolution for 2011 to see this band live, I promise you will not regret it and sure beats going to the gym.