Day of the Sirens show they're a force to reckon with

Day of the Sirens were up early on the 2nd stage of Kick Out The Jams, and being one of the lighter bands on the bill it was probably the perfect spot.

Kicking off to a patchy crowd, their energy and excitement drew people to the stage as frontman Jack Fox's smooth melodic voice wound perfectly through the sharper beats of their epic & loud melodic rock.

After some intense energy early, a few songs in they switched to a slow and deep song intro piece, drastically changing the dynamics in the room, before they kicked in with a massive bang of energy capturing the crowds attention and lifting everything up a notch.

Tommy Hall on bass is simply brilliant to watch, with non stop movement from the start he's like a bundle of pent up passion just splurting out. So much so that towards the end of the set the stage could no longer hold him and he flew off into the crowd.

Guitarist Chris Morley's vocals complement Fox's perfectly, his slightly higher tones offering a strong contrast. And before the crowd could think this band were light weight pop rock, he showed he can scream with the best of them.

All in all a great set for an early band. They didn't let the small crowd affect them and gave a strong indication of their passion and talent. They finished off with a bang, a song filled with intense beats and wailing vocals. With a bigger crowd their epic songs would have owned the room.

It was an early set and they're never easy but Day of the Sirens didn't let it faze them, ignoring the smallness of the crowd and putting their all into producing a great set. It paid off. Testament to their sound, throughout the half hour, as people wandered into the room they paused looked to the stage and joined the crowd.