They'll be aching in the morning...

Sub-headlining the Red Bull Bedroom Jam Stage on the second day of the festival, rock quintet Kill 21 had a mammoth task on their hands. To make a debut appearance at Download Festival is always a momentous occasion, but the hard-hitting group clearly wanted to make sure that they weren't going to be the only five people leaving the set nursing sore necks.

As one of the many relatively unknown bands performing over the weekend, the British rockers decided to break the ice with AC/DC's 'Whole Lotta Rosie'. A solid cover, the group were clearly not going to waste any time in introducing themselves. Although most of their songs were executed with relentless brutality, there were noticeable weaknesses in their spirited performance. 'World in Flames' should have been key highlight of their show, yet because of singer Jason Lipman's inability to hit his top notes, it regrettably fell short. However, rounding off their set with 'Blackout,' the riff-laden track concluded an admirable debut for the London-based band.

Kill 21's slot on the Red Bull Bedroom Jam provided half an hour of ear pummelling hard rock, striking with incredible force to leave a lasting impression on the fans. The heads were banging, the rock hands were flying; armed with monstrous riffs, Kill 21 killed it!