Reed all about it

Having finished an electric set on the second stage only two hours prior, Oregon-born musician Dan Reed appeared at the Jagermeister stage for a comparably minimalistic set. Accompanied only by electric guitarist Rob Daiker, the former singer of The Dan Reed Network began the set in competition. Whilst the duo would have liked to have been provided with virtuous serenity, instead they had to contend with the fury-filled sound of Down's concluding set drifting over from the main stage.

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It came as no surprise that much of the set comprised of material from the vocalist's band from the 80s/90s, despite having pursued his solo project for quite a number of years now. However, it became clear that Reed was not only revisiting hits such as 'Stronger Than Steel' and 'Ritual' to please any expectant fans in attendance, but because they functioned remarkably well as acoustic songs. Reed's gentle sound was presented suitably by the electro/acoustic instrumentation and was topped beautifully by the occasionally gravelly hints of Reed's soulful voice. Finishing with 'Brave New World', Dan Reed capped a performance that was not only enjoyable, but well delivered and maturely balanced.

Reed is one of the few acts to appear at Download Festival to, in typical singer-songwriter fashion, explain the back-story behind each song before playing. It's the type of approach that would only work at the relaxed Jagermeister stage, but it still seemed as though he belonged in a smokey coffee bar on an open mic night. Not one of your typical Donington artists, but Reed's acoustic set helped to pleasantly pass the time. He may not have been to everyone's taste, but having the freedom to choose which acts you go to watch is all part of the superb diversity offered by the festival organisers.

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