Black Breath

Seattle based, Black Breath's latest album 'Heavy breathing' released on southern lord in early 2010 received critical acclaim, they have since been spreading their crossover hardcore/black & death metal/ thrash infused with religious hatred all over Europe. The band recently played Sonisphere festival, obviously The Hydrant is pretty far removed from the hurrah of big festival greatness but it is packed on this hot Monday night in July.

The band kicks off with 'Black sin- Spit on the cross' the first track off the album 'Heavy breathing', their furious riffing crushes all before them. They charge through their setlist including 'Escape from death' and 'Virus' to name but a few from their most recent album. They also play a few from 'Razor to oblivion'. Front man N.T. McAdams has a quite a range, with some deep growls and throat tearing screams.

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The sound in the small sweaty venue is decent enough and the crowd laps up every hook. Pits break out throughout the set especially when they bring out a new song, which sounds brutal! If the rest of the songs on their new album (out for release late 2011/ early 2012) are anything like this song then it is going to be another amazing record from the boys!

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Black breath came to conquer, bloodied bodies and broken bones left in their wake.

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