A tour to promote the new material

Ska-edged pop-punk six piece Kids Can't Fly stopped by the O2 Academy 2 Islington recently while out on tour promoting their new EP Northern Horizons. They may be a fairly new name in the music scene, only really taking the band to a serious level since early 2011, but Kids Can't Fly sure knows how to put on a performance.

The Southampton sextet took this opportunity to demonstrate to the people in the crowd their unique blend of uplifting pop-punk topped off with a stunning horn section. The entire set was jam packed of feel-good music, pumped with heart and soul and just watching the guys perform on stage was exhausting, so goodness knows how they must have been feeling come the end. There was so much effort put into the set, even the brass players couldn't keep still, moving back and forth and dancing when not playing.

As the lads performed everyone was blown away by the energetic kick of the tunes. From tracks such as Esmeralda, She Called Shotgun and The Summer which blew the crowd away to a very entertaining brass interlude that showed some creativity and a mellower side, these lads really impressed the crowd. It was the performance of the lead single from the new EP however, that made the most impact. As they performed Stick To Your Guns, there was no better way to celebrate the summer sun than through this bouncy tune with danceable melodies and an insanely catchy chorus; the vocal chants of band and crowd yelling "we are" was astonishing.

After this performance, there is no wonder Kids Can't Fly is making a name for themselves as one of the most energetic unsigned Pop-Punk Ska bands on the UK circuit at the moment. They have already toured Europe with the likes of The Blackout, Young Guns and Less than Jake and Kids Can't Fly look set to be touring a great deal more in the future and an album to follow later this year.