The Darkness - Let Them Eat Cakes

The Darkness have made an incredible comeback with their album Hot Cakes, and while riding high on the train of success they have embarked on a UK tour.

The Darkness kicked off their tour at Sheffield City Hall and there was no doubt that the crowd was excited to see the spandex loving band. As Justin Hawkins and company marched out onto the stage they were greeted with deafening screams and it was only a matter of seconds before the band started playing, instantly restoring people's faith in rock music.

As frontman Justin strutted around the stage in a black and white striped spandex jumpsuit he appeared to be a man who has put his demons behind him and he was able to hit falsetto notes perfectly.

Aside from Justin's guitar humping and general on stage antics, the band were in great form, they sounded incredibly tight and played a good mix of songs from all their albums; including a couple from A One Way Ticket To Hell And Back.

The energy of their set was high throughout but the true highlight was when they performed I Believe In A Thing Called Love; as expected the crowd went wild for the band's biggest selling single to date. It is a shame that The Darkness didn't save that song for their encore as everything seemed like an anti-climax after that; apart from when Dan Hawkins; who was wearing his trademark Thin Lizzy t-shirt, gave his brother a piggyback ride around the ground floor of the venue, proving that he was incredible leg strength as well as being a prolific guitar player.

Overall, The Darkness put on a fantastic show which was light-hearted but expertly performed. After watching them in Sheffield, I can truly say it is great to have the quartet from Lowestoft back.