Decent set despite mega early start

It is very clear straight away that Empress suffered a bit from the fact that they were on ten minutes after doors opened tonight at KOKO. The very packed bill ended up having to be squeezed into a relatively short amount of time in order to meet the early curfew which made way for the venue housing a club night the same evening. However, despite having a very small crowd, Empress were able to still impress. The ferocity at which they deliver their performance helped them on their way to overcoming the very early start, and will certainly leave some revellers keen on checking them out live again in the future at perhaps their own shows. A particular shout out needs to go to the drummer who maintained his blistering pace and performance throughout the short set.

The tracks did all feel a bit samey at some points though, whilst they did great to initially gain the attention of the early starters, they were hard-pressed keeping an iron grip of it. They just seemed a bit disinterested themselves by the end, with their shout out to the night's headliners even being greeted by low applause. By this point as though, the baseball cap warriors were starting to correlate down the front for Brutality Will Prevail, which didn't help their cause. A good, tight performance, definitely a lot of potential.