Prim and proper they ain't!

First band on the main AOR stage for day 2 at HRH AOR were that rather nice bunch of young Finnish ladies 'Barbe-Q-Barbies' a cross between punk and rock....punk rock? Barbe-Q-Barbies have an attitude of the Ramones with the influence of AC/DC thrown in just to make a point. They are not a 5 minute wonder band either as these sassy Finns have been around since 2002, and their mantra is to kick the world in the nuts with their brand of music.

They had a bit of a Blues Brothers start, with that crowd taking a while to warm to them, but by the time they hit their stride with STFU (Shut The Fuck Up and Dance! Could I be right in thinking it's a ballad girls?) they were home and dry and had lived up to their mantra and kicked the Rotherham crowd well and truly in the nuts, and other body parts I can't mention on a family read website.

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Most of all it's great seeing an all girl band plying their trade in this industry. I hope more festivals take note and invite them over to the UK again sometime soon


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Crashing Down
One More
Whole Lotta You
Can't Get What You're Looking For
Love Machine
Due Time
Breaking All The Rules
All Over You

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